An Interesting Case in Today’s Training


In the PDF, first comes the little slam contract. I was South and my partner shut out the East 2 diamond opening bid. However, they managed to find the hearts and made a 4H bid. I was very excited when my partner support my spade. Although we had only 25% chance to fulfill the contract at the first glance, I was sure that I could make it because I had inferred their cards from bidding. Sometimes too competitive could cause even more trouble. ^_^

Gang Zhou, Entrepreneur of Blackbirdsport, CTO

Zhou majored in electronic engineering in Wuhan University, and has completed MBA. In university he programmed to realize Single-Chip Multiprocessing, which was very important to his later study. After graduation, Zhou worker for Zhongtai Group and United Electronics Group, and dabbled in building website. In 2003, he foresaw the development of Internet in China (because of a project in his company), and was interested in starting his own business. Currently he was the CTO of Blackbirdsport, and took charge of developing website and staff management. His company held cycling events and could collect the data of participant with the help of its app.
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