Staying Up Late

Kind of tired. I got so many things to do but little time for my hobbies, because most of the courses in RDFZ are compulsory!

Unfortunately, I didn’t meet my yesterday’s schedule. Personally, schedules are like goals which have to be adjusted frequently in order to meet my style!

It has just begun!

Good luck for everyone!



Blackboard Painted!

In my class, I am both Commissary in Charge of Publicity and Chemistry Representative(like a teacher assistant). One of my duties is to make our class’s blackboard every two weeks, which is quite representative of our class.

After 2 hours’ work, my companion and me eventually finished drawing.There were 2 characters in the picture. One depicted a cute boy who loves drawing (his head is filled with tools such as painters, rulers and pencils), the other one was hidden on the left. (DON’T care about the syntax error!)

Full-view, we will have colors on them as soon as possible!


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Hello World!

This is also the first post since I built up my website-Charles’ Style. By the way, establishing one’s own website is really interesting!

I have to concern about many things like the server rents and the infrastructure of my website(thanks to WordPress). My server is located in HongKong, so it is quite stable!  I also learnt about PHP and Apache(previously seemed elusive to me).

Happy Spring Festival! I am having fun receiving my pocket money for 2015!

From now on I will update my blogs frequently! :)

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