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Summary on My Interviews

Today I added some pictures of the entrepreneurs’ websites to my posts. (Hope that they will make the long article more vivid!)


Firstly, Li told me about R&D (Research and Development). Then Cao explained the four stages in business. Hank taught me to connect more with others and offered suggestions for me to choose my major. Huang told me the two factors that needed concern — people and money — when doing one’s own business. Chen showed me the structure of a company and the division of labor. Zhou shared his opinions in the development of computer and looked forward to further innovations.

Gang Zhou, Entrepreneur of Blackbirdsport, CTO

Zhou majored in electronic engineering in Wuhan University, and has completed MBA. In university he programmed to realize Single-Chip Multiprocessing, which was very important to his later study. After graduation, Zhou worker for Zhongtai Group and United Electronics Group, and dabbled in building website. In 2003, he foresaw the development of Internet in China (because of a project in his company), and was interested in starting his own business. Currently he was the CTO of Blackbirdsport, and took charge of developing website and staff management. His company held cycling events and could collect the data of participant with the help of its app.
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Liang Chen, Founder of QianQianJie Corporation, CEO

Product: XiWanKeTang

I was watching a video which taught parents on how to deal with kids’ adolescence. “We based our product on Wechat Official Account, which has huge audiences” Chen, the CEO of Qianqianjie Corporation, was introducing their product to me. I looked at its logo, which was the combination of a bowl, WLAN, and a cloud. “I thought up this logo, because I want parents to watch our videos and learn about their kids’ psychological education when doing the dishes.” I loved his idea because it was time-saving and met parents’ needs. However, I knew Chen previous worked for the United Electronics Ltd, and wanted to why he wants to start his own business.

“I found the need in society, maybe partly because I had a kid. I wanted to turn my idea into product and sell it out.” I understood his aspiration to spread his idea.

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Zhaoyue Huang, CTO of Halation (Beijing) Corporation

“The electronic tag using Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Technology and E-ink.” Huang handed me a small tag which showed me the information of goods in supermarket.

“What?” Although I saw the price, QR Code, production date and other information on the tag, I still didn’t understand his words.

“This E-ink tag can remain unchanged when the power is off. When the power is on it can be permeable to light or not — it’s all your choice. Have you ever read books in E-book, like Kindle? They are the similar technologically.”

It was amazing, but I wanted to know how Huang came up with this idea which focused on retailing industry.
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