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Running into my old classmates, I gave my phone for them to play games as usual. A arithmatic app was not a big deal for them as was in the past. However, they had much difficulty working it out this time. while I could figure it out as quickly as the past days. Then I realized the importance of perseverance, which will keep my mind as acute as I was. So I will keep on doing arithmatic every day, and it has been my hobby since primary school.

My top record: 152 right-7 wrong (two digits multiply two digits)  within 4 minutes! By the way, I am interested in developing such a app myself and this must be easy with the help of tkinter(python module).


Review for the Week

I took part in lots of activities last week, one of which is badminton training and competition.

Unfortunately, I caught a cold on the very day we had our game. Although I failed to win and our group couldn’t get through to the final round, I didn’t regret it, because badminton is my long-term dedication and I had not only witnessed the strength of teamwork which stimulated our possiblities, but also learned the spirit of sports!

Maybe I should learn from the school team which beat us in the game!




A Sketch Of My Classmates


I learned sketching when I was in Primary School, and now I keep it as a hobby. In my room, I have drawn dozens of characters whom I loved, either from Anime or TV series, or from the really persons–my classmates!

I am afraid my friends may get embarrassed because I have somewhat emphasized their characteristics, like the big nose for the left person–he has been a partner with me in Bridge for 5 years now, and I know him quite well–and the wrinkles on the right person’s face–he is the Comissionary in Charge of Study in our class, and since I am his peers(Publicity is my duty :) ), we get along very well!