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HiMCM,a rewarding experience!


After 36 hours of hardwork, we finished our paper, illustrating how cars change lane when encounter lane merging situations. Our simulation was based on lane-changing model and game theory.

As a result, we are awarded as Finalist, and suffice it to say that all our endeavor is worthwhile!

Moreover, regardless of our prize in the end, I have benefited a lot from this competition. I learned how to search for references according to our thesis, how to assign different tasks to our group member according to their expertise, and how to use the knowledge I learned practically. One thing to regret, I simply discussed the crux of the problem with one of our members, and those in charge of programming and simulation failed to understand our logic, and thus we have to simplify the selection of parameters.(because I am adept at Python, not Matlab or JS)

Nevertheless, I found this experience really beneficial, and I am looking foward to further cooperation with our team members!