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Pictures in National Bridge Youth Tournament

I was always longing for National Bridge Youth Tournament in Jiangsu Province. Several years ago, when I first entered this biggest national wide Bridge tournament, our team only ranked TOP 10. By the time, I knew that all the teams were made up of the best players in all provinces over China, and there was a lot more space for me to improve!

Now I am back! Ranking 1st in U20 group, we represented not only our school, RDFZ, but also the players of the Highest level in Beijing as well as China! When I finally touched and felt our trophy, I was filled with excitement, warmth, and pride!

BridgePrize (2)
BridgePrize (1)

It was the happiest ending for my six years’ Bridge experience in middle school and high school, but it was not the very end. Ahead of me, there are many paths which lead to the future, and I will always keep in mind —

that I will never be alone
(to continue!)


Two Busy Months Have Passed

First post in January! Happy new year!

Over those two months, I was very busy. However, I also played an active part in my Fansub group, translating courses on OCW for our teachers. In my spare time, I studied scripting language and assembly language. In early January, I went to Shaanxi Province and climbed Mount Hua, the steepest mountain in China. Now, I have just been back from National Bridge Youth Tournament, where my team ranked 1st! Today I went to school to organize and joined another Bridge match (I got back to Beijing at around midnight yesterday).

Although in those two months, I was very busy, I considered all my efforts worthwhile, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming winter break!

China Thinks Big

This time we focus on brainstorming, trying to come up with an APP that will greatly facilitate middle school students in China. But we are confronted with considerable challenges!

An APP, especially a delicate one, is far more difficult to accomplish than we had thought, and our time is running out, because our group members of the group have to deal with their studies, too!

However, I believe that the only thing we fear is fear itself. We are at the best of our times, and there’s nothing that can impede our striving for perfection!

Take use of our time! We are the best!\(☆o☆)/


I created an Wechat Official Account and down below is our logo and the first post I made.