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A Pity for My Online Bridge Tournament


I do remember that I submitted my information in order to participate in an online Bridge tournament, which was quite of importance. In order to get promotion and be qualified to take part in the final round, I must gain at least 30 points through all the four sessions. Nevertheless, I only get involved in one of the and only garnered 10 points-far from reaching the goal. So this time I would possibly wish to obtain 20 VPs, if the system did not have problems.

I had already reported this serious error to its customer service, but it wouldn’t reply until weekdays. What a pity that I cannot get into the final round!

A Sketch Of My Classmates


I learned sketching when I was in Primary School, and now I keep it as a hobby. In my room, I have drawn dozens of characters whom I loved, either from Anime or TV series, or from the really persons–my classmates!

I am afraid my friends may get embarrassed because I have somewhat emphasized their characteristics, like the big nose for the left person–he has been a partner with me in Bridge for 5 years now, and I know him quite well–and the wrinkles on the right person’s face–he is the Comissionary in Charge of Study in our class, and since I am his peers(Publicity is my duty :) ), we get along very well!