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First Two Programs Using Python3.5.1!

In about a month, I am able to use python to write programs. Needless to say, I am quite excited at the moment when the compiling was done!

Then I could not help wondering at the great aid that computers and programs had brought to the world. I do not need to collect the data and care about the format of texts anymore, but instead the task can be accomplished by the programs!

In a broader view, the introduction of computer has greatly changed people’s life style, for it released our hands and activated our minds!
Nowadays, the debate on Alpha-Go has gathered much attention, and I believe that the budding of artificial intelligence will be a tremendous milestone in the history!

Third week since learning Python

After learning python, I realize the power of programming. As a very useful tool, it can greatly facilitate our lives. And I believe that as my study goes deeper, I will be able to use Python and other tools to do complex calculation and simulation, and at that time , I can also run a multi-functional program on my PC as well!

China Thinks Big

This time we focus on brainstorming, trying to come up with an APP that will greatly facilitate middle school students in China. But we are confronted with considerable challenges!

An APP, especially a delicate one, is far more difficult to accomplish than we had thought, and our time is running out, because our group members of the group have to deal with their studies, too!

However, I believe that the only thing we fear is fear itself. We are at the best of our times, and there’s nothing that can impede our striving for perfection!

Take use of our time! We are the best!\(☆o☆)/


I created an Wechat Official Account and down below is our logo and the first post I made.