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Two Busy Months Have Passed

First post in January! Happy new year!

Over those two months, I was very busy. However, I also played an active part in my Fansub group, translating courses on OCW for our teachers. In my spare time, I studied scripting language and assembly language. In early January, I went to Shaanxi Province and climbed Mount Hua, the steepest mountain in China. Now, I have just been back from National Bridge Youth Tournament, where my team ranked 1st! Today I went to school to organize and joined another Bridge match (I got back to Beijing at around midnight yesterday).

Although in those two months, I was very busy, I considered all my efforts worthwhile, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming winter break!

A Day for Mount Climbing

Tomorrow I will climb Mount Xiang with my intimate classmates. This will be our last journey together, because we will enter different classes since senior 3 ( I will prepare for my abroad study and they will prepare for their college entrance exam). I will really miss them! So I have to plan our next day perfectly!