Bridge in My Eyes — I will have a new partner in 9th grade

This passage is not just my personal statement, but also my blessing on my old partner, who has been playing Bridge with me for five years! In 9th grade, he will leave Bridge Club to prepare for College Entrance Exam. Good luck for you, my friend!

I am very delighted that almost all my friends liked this Wechat post!


Playing Bridge for five years, I spent the first three years interested in it, and the last two years fascinated with it.

What is Bridge? Bridge is not limited to win each game, but it is a game where one should understand his partner and make himself understood. When playing cards, one ought not to focus entirely on the 13 cards in hand, but also to observe, observing each person’s each move from different aspects. If the cards in his hand are exactly what you surmise, is his move reasonable? Why has the dealer been thinking for such a long time? Why did he not hesitate to play a card? Why did he choose to start with that suit? Why?

Thinking from different aspects, one takes advantage of the information to infer, a skill that is not limited to the Bridge but can also be applied to life. Reflecting one’s character and habits, Bridge is like a mirror. A person who submerges himself in his own world will overlook his partner’s signals, and be unaware of the crucial opportunities, which could easily lead the team to victory. A person who doesn’t know how to understand others will also, from time to time, be in a bad mood in game. However, a persistent person will handle each play , even if it is totally a bad deal. Never losing any opportunity to exchange signals with his partner, he will fight for any possible bief. This is one’s personality, but also respect — respect to opponents, respect to Bridge, and respect to oneself.

A person who gets mad during each play will also be angry at life; who gets frustrated in life will never be vibrant at the table. A person who only cares about his hand, will ignore every important piece of information in reality; who excluded himself from the outside will act arbitrarily in Bridge. A person who is tired of summarizing different cases and reading Bridge books will lack academic enthusiasm; who stops halfway in academic pursuit will also hesitate when confronted by difficulty in game. Bridge is not a game. Compared with fighting against landlords, Gongzhu, catching black A, it lacks entertainment; compared with Killers of the Three Kingdoms, it doesn’t have complex description. The only thing it has is rule, the combination of randomness and nonrandomness. It is close to us, and close to life.

My love for Bridge originated from its reflection of life. Playing countless games for five years, there are too many blunders I made, too many people of different characteristics i met. Some people are arrogant, boldly pointing out their rivals’ mistakes and shouting out his partner’s name for fear that none of us know his mistake; some people hold a playful attitude, thinking that winner is strong and loser is weak. However, most people are polite, praising their partners as well as their rivals, showing respect to Bridge. They are also tolerant, forgiving friends’ mistakes, understanding rivals’ contemplation for a long time. They believe in others, trust their peers, and take every signal from partner seriously. I believe that all the contracts we make together are worthwhile, even if he double jumps and make a 6S bid while I have only 2 HCP and do not have any spades at all. Some people have responsibility, responsible for their own mistakes while continuously improving themselves, responsible for their partner so they will never reach a contract without confirming stoppers in each suit, responsible for Bridge so they will never leave the room without doing the cleaning simply on account of bad hands today.

I have met so many people with different characteristics in Bridge, and in Bridge they can display themselves in a more polite, more gentle way. Harmony. I always try to understand others, because conflict cannot help me with my game. I admire strong rivals and learn from them. Rejecting the bad and assimilating the good, I become a better Bridge player, and a better person in life.

A person who lacks deep understandings of Bridge will probably say “Oh, I once played Bridge. It’s an old hobby of mine”. Why don’t you play?  “Little time is there.” He will never love Bridge, not only to play good cards, but also shape his character.

Life is Bridge, and Bridge is life.

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